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Why Salus

Most third-party adminstrators are compensated by the number of open claims.

Moreover, they charge extra for products and services that could reduce claims – or stop them from happening in the first place.

The system just doesn't work when TPAs have little incentive to reduce claims and lower costs. Salus doesn't just offer better workers’ injury products, we’re fixing the system.

Provider Background

Our founder, Dr. Richard Rehm, is the founder and former CEO of Concentra (the nation's largest occupational medicine provider.) Together with our senior executives, he has managed primary care for over 1,000,000 work related injuries.

This wealth of hand-on-experience gives us unique perspective–and capabilities–when managing work injury claims. We've embeded this knowledge into all of our processes and systems, using advanced data-analytics to constantly improve results.

Salus Claims Protocol

It’s not unusual for TPAs to promote their proprietary claims management processes, alluding to some vague "special-sauce" that is supposed to differentiate them. So what’s really different about the Salus Claims Protocol?

The Salus Claims Protocol codifies our core philosophy into seven actionable guidelines that are intrinsically embedded into every aspect of our claims management systems and processes to ensure the consistency of application that drives sustainable real-world results.

SCP Philosophy

Decades of clinical experience prove that the biggest driver of positive outcomes (hence lower cost) is the timely delivery of appropriate treatment. The more efficient the delivery of high-quality healthcare, the better the results for everyone.

The Salus Claims Protocol is designed to eliminate delays in reporting claims and providing care, along with expediting a return to work.

SCP Results

11%   decrease in ultimate claims losses

20%   increase in claims closed in less than 3 months

20%   decrease in paid losses at 18 months

37%   decrease in days to close claims

59%   decrease in time to return to work

50%   lower than average case load per adjuster

Case studies

Program Management

Salus Claims Protocol


Who we serve

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Whether you are completely self-insured or carry a high-deductible, our total focus on workplace injuries provides maximum benefit to loss sensitive customers.

By coupling our industry-leading claims management with safety, prevention and return to work programs, we materially reduce both the severity and duration of claims.

Read how we partnered with a Texas large employer to reduce lost workdays by 80%.


Whether you are a single parent or group captive, our goals are the same: generate savings through an effective risk control program.

Our captive partners benefit from our aggressive attention to claims management. By ensuring quality care as fast as possible, we reduce duration and severity well below industry averages.


The right TPA managing claims is critical to ensuring consistent Underwriting profits. Salus works closely with insurance carriers to help reduce work injury losses–both before and after they occur.

Our claims management protocol is a proven solution for enhancing claims administration at the carrier level.

Read how the Salus Claims Protocol yielded immediate results for one of our carriers.


The combination of decades of experience, individualized programs, personalized customer service, and our proprietary claims management protocol provide the most benefit to mid-sized companies in industries that typically experience high claims frequency, severity, or both.

While we can generate signficant savings for customers in most verticals, we have particular expertise in construction, health care, manufacturing and transportation.

Workers’ compensation

While many competitors are insurance experts, our sole focus is on providing claims management and medical cost containment services for workplace injuries.

Our experts help you navigate the complex reporting and regulatory requirements unique to workers’ compensation.

Occupational Accident/Non-subscriber

For Salus, alternative programs are more than an afterthought. We have more than 25 years of experience managing work injuries for non-subscribers. Salus offers professional case management, aggressive cost containment and special investigation services.

Everything we do is designed to contain and minimize your claims costs while ensuring your injured worker is treated fairly and with dignity.

Licensed states

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What we do
Claims services

You deserve better.
We deliver.

Salus’ experienced claims team collaborates to design and manage integrated work injury programs that deliver cost savings of 20% or more.

Safety & Prevention

Salus’ dedicated account managers are certified safety and loss prevention experts. After conducting an initial safety survey, our safety experts partner to implement individually tailored, minimally disruptive programs before accidents happen. We consult regularly with the goal of lowering a client’s frequency and severity.

Claims management

When claims do occur, our seasoned adjusters capitalize on the efficiencies afforded by the Salus Claims Protocol to deliver highly personal customer service, proactively coordinating with employers, employees and providers.

We manage every aspect of a claim to deliver the most timely, quality care, encouraging short durations and a healthy medical only / indemnity mix.

Return to work

Salus combines our care provider background with deep workplace injury experience to help employers implement successful return to work programs that significantly reduce lost workdays. By lowering claim durations and minimizing costly litigation, we can not only lower claims cost, but impact the hidden costs of lost productivity.

Program management

Salus partners with internal claims administration departments to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Fully customizable programs integrate the Salus Claims Protocol into existing work injury systems.

What we do
Managed care


Salus’ comprehensive managed care program addresses every stage of a worker’s injury. Real-time collaboration, proactive management and integrated systems ensure workers receive the right care at the right time, improving outcomes and saving money.

Remote triage

Immediate visual FROI and real-time, face-to-face video nurse triage provides a single, 24/7/365 point of contact for injured workers, encouraging full disclosure and helping prevent minor injuries from becoming costly claims.

Provider network

Salus leverages its unique provider experience to maintain the industry’s largest directly contracted, workerplace injury network. This nationwide (state-certified), outcomes-based network ensures that quality, affordable care is as close and convenient as possible.

Pharmacy network

With nearly 70,000 locations plus mail order, Salus provides workers’ immediate (first-fill), 24/7 access with no-out-of pocket expenses for them and no financial risk to you.

Utilization review

Because the Salus Claims Protocol prioritizes the timely delivery of care in order to deliver results, it’s vital that our UR program maintains 99% on-time delivery rates while still providing defensible, evidence-based guidelines that meet state and URAC standards.

Medical Bill Review

Decades of human expertise combined with one of the industry’s most advanced rules engines, allows us to negotiate an average savings of 60% from billed charges with an appeal rate less than 5%. And even though Senior Auditors review every bill, our average turn-around time is less than 2-3 days.

Learn more about our medical bill services


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